Premiere: Afriquoi – Kudaushe (Anchorsong Remix)

Following the release of their Kolaba LP last year, London-based collective Afriquoi look to some favourite producers to reinterpret their pan-global sounds. That word shouldn’t be taken lightly, mind, for the Afriqoi band members really do come from all over. Based around musical director Nico Bentley (bass player for Seal in the 90s),  there’s guitarist Fiston Lusambo (Congo), Kora player Jally Kebba Suso (Gambia), vocalist Andre Espeut (born in London of mixed Jamaican, French, Ghanaian and Scottish heritage) and drummer André Marmot (from boring old London too, but well versed in West African percussion).

For this remix, another country and continent is added to the growing list. Japanese producer Anchorsong brings a mellow, uplifting 70s afro-disco feel to ‘Kudaushe’, replacing the euphoric afro-house vibe of the original with a sunset softness that compliments the warm marimba, supplied by Kudaushe Matimba.

Grab the remix from Bandcamp out now on Wormfood and listen to/buy Afriquoi’s album also on Bandcamp. You can next catch Afriquoi in London at Global Rhythms (11th March), alongside Auntie Flo. 

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