Premiere: Apes – Mosaic

2015 was a busy old year for South London imprint Church and their White Label series. Ishmael, Laurence Guy and Chaos in the CBD all delivered sterling EPs, which infiltrated notable dancefloors and DJ sets all over the shop. The pressure’s on then, for Apes, who takes the baton into the new year. But fear not folks, Apes laughs in the face of such loft expectations.

The title track is a real standout for us, on an EP that goes both deep and emotive. Rather than a deepness that descends into basements, the depth on ‘Mosiac’ comes through looking up into the cosmos. We’re too young to remember The Clangers in their heyday, but those bleeps and bloops they communicated with are timeless sounds for Children’s television. Whether Apes had them in mind as he constructed ‘Mosaic’, we can’t say for sure. But, chuck in some sparse piano chords, a kick drum and some synths that hark back to the drama of Omar-S’s – ‘I Wanna Know‘, and you’ve got a recipe for a hauntingly beautiful track. Tim Peake if you’re reading this and looking for a soundtrack to your space showreel, we’ve found just thing.

Mosaic EP is out 5th February on Church – pre-order on Red Eye or, rather fittingly, on Bleep.

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