Watch FYI Chris’ set from the Boiler Room London Boat Party

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Back in December when many of us were negotiating London’s busy streets for Christmas shopping, Boiler Room took to the choppy waters of the Thames, joining forces with Converse Rubber Tracks Live for a boat party programmed by NTS, Rye Wax, Domino and LEX Records.

You may have noticed us singing the praises of FYI Chris on these pages before, so we’re delighted to premiere their 40 minute set from aboard HMS Boiler Room. As expected from the Peckham duo, it’s a strongly percussive affair. Tom Blip’s ‘Shekere‘ comes in early, and we’re then taken on a journey through jacking and Detroit house, spiritual jazz and even some acid flavours.

Check Converse Rubber Tracks Live X Boiler Room for more in the collaberative series.

FYI Chris by brtvofficial

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