Second Hand News – Vol.1

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Welcome to ‘Second Hand News’ a new fortnightly series that tips our hat to Fleetwood Mac but, more importantly, is a place for us to showcase our favourite recent second hand vinyl purchases. We’ve become rather fixated on what’s ahead of us, consumed by newer than new music, but sometimes it’s nice to take a pause and look back.

Inaugurated the Second Hand Volumes is our resident and digging devotee Harri Pepper. You might be familiar with his superb warm-up sets at our parties, or the odd mix he’s done for us. If not, you’ll be seeing a lot more of him in this series.

For more dusty old gems, browse through the volumes of our Second Hand News series.

The Cool Notes – In your Car (Injection Disco Dance)

This 7” is all about the flip side for me ‘Secrets of the Night’. I love the simplicity of the cursing bass line, silky solos from across the band and the occasional snap clap. It’s a great opener, and perfect for grabbing a drink and checking the place out when you get inside a club.

Garnet Mimms – Has It All LP (Arista)

Fell in love with this record as soon as the needle dropped. The strings in ‘Right Here In The Palm Of My Hand’ just melt my heart.

The Weebles feat. Princess Julia – ‘Moist Womanly Needs (The Cupid Stunt Mix)’ (Kult Records)

Naughty vocals in this one. Brought this in Heart Beat Vinyl Paris, true romantic.

Dollar Band – African Piano LP (Spactator Records)

Amazing live solo piano recording. Hooked from the opening riff that comes back throughout the whole record.

Lenny Fontana presents Galaxy People – A Mystical Journey (Clear Music)

One of my favourite festival records that samples the incredible bassline from Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes – ‘Expansions’. Real jiving tribal feeling with bang-bang bongos and jazz flute – summer!

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