Premiere: Africaine 808 – Ready For Something New

Though they’ve only got a few releases under their belt, Africaine 808’s releases on Golf Channel and Vulcan Dance have quickly garnered the duo a reputation for danceable songs favouring African sampling and rapid, densely layered percussion.

‘Ready For Something New’ may therefore be a shock for many. Soft piano chords open the track, backed by a heavy, sedate kick drum. Synths mimicking a siren sound somewhere in the distance, before vocalist Ofrin enters the fray with her celestial vocals. It’s a woozy, intoxicating ambience which leaves you with a sense of weightlessness – not what we expected to be reporting on the Berliners’ music anytime soon.

It’s a most welcome surprise, and one which should be contextualised within the topsy turvy ride of their forthcoming album Basar (which we’ll be reviewing next week). Fans of their upbeat 12’’s fear not, as the polyrhythmic sounds they’ve become known for abounds on the LP. ‘Ready For Something New’ just demonstrates a diversity Basar will emphatically drive home.

Ready For Something New is taken from Basar LP, out 21st January on Golf Channel. Pre-order from Deejay and iTunes

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