15 Track IDs from Tessellate x STW at Corsica Studios


Last Friday we teamed up with esteemed London promoters Tessellate for Corsica Studios’ first mammoth dance party of the year, boasting an exceptional lineup, with all three rooms featuring equally respected headliners.

While we hosted The Columbian (a pop-up Room 3) where we invited DJ Sotofett to play all night long, Tessellate hosted Glasgow’s Harri & Domenic to do the same in Room 2. Each act demonstrated an ability to perform marathon sets with no trouble at all, as they both provided an untiring soundtrack comprised of their own trademark styles. Harri & Domenic with a slice of Sub Club entrancement, and DJ Sotofett with his exciting energizing variety of disco, funk, garage house, and even Latin beats to name a few of the styles  he delved into on the night.

Our DJs warmed things up in room 1 before handing the reigns over to Canadian up-and-comer Jayda G, then followed by the legendary Maurice Fulton. Jayda G’s energy and movement behind the decks was mirrored by the entire room for the duration of her set, playing classics like ‘Street Player’ by Chicago as well as ‘Brighter Days’ by Cajmere to a highly receptive crowd. Maurice Fulton mixed like a true professional, opting for an unmixed approach, as opposed to typical segued transitions as he concluded the night with a sundry of classics.

Here’s ten of our favourites, although there were tonnes more we could’ve included.

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