Premiere: Fouk – Orchard

Dutch disco dons Daniël Leseman and Hans Peeman deliver five tracks for House Of Disco under their Fouk moniker, accompanied by remixes from Ron Basejam and Snacks. Both producers have made names for themselves individually with Leseman producing under his own name whilst Peeman is better known as Junktion. Both artists are big players within the current disco-house movement that has come to the fore in recent years, with their own Outplay imprint, Money $ex Records, House Of Disco, Damiano von Erckert’s AVA. and Heist Recordings leading the way with this jazzy breed of house music.

The style is distinct and inundated with an assortment of percussive, smooth, off-beat hits, hats and claps. ‘Orchard’ is very much an accentuation of this style, but it’s the poignant pads that set this track apart from the rest of the release. The simplicity of the chords, the subtle background guitar riffs, the occasional piano intervention and the moment the bassline perks up around two minutes in; all of these qualities work together to produce a track that’s on par with a Floaty P production.

Fouk – Gruff EP is out 18th January (on vinyl) and 1st February (digitally). Pre-order from Juno

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