Omar-S turns pig squeals into a musical masterclass on ‘XSE’

Known for his techno tear-jerkers, it is no surprise that Omar-S’ latest production is suffused with subdued and delicate notes. Each sound is meticulously placed. The use of distressed pig outcries followed by eerie laughter and spine-chilling abattoir noises induces a feeling of anguish and melancholy. ‘XSE’ has its roots firmly placed in Afrocentrism. The Motor City producer strays away from his more successful works of club music through his use of both lo-fi and extraterrestrial sounds resulting in a deeply emotive track. We’re with Kornél Kovács on this being one of the standouts of last year.

‘XSE’ is taken from Omar’s Side Trakx Vol. 4, out now on FXHE.

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