10 Track IDs from Fett Burger at Dance Tunnel

dance tunnel

Beneath the pizza ovens of Voodoo Ray’s and the eerily quiet Dalston high street, a bustling dancefloor lay gently pulsating, anticipating the arrival of a Norwegian giant.

Not just in reputation and ability, but also in stature, DJ Fett Burger is a force to be reckoned with. It’s as exciting as it is disconcerting that whenever he takes to the decks, there’s no predicting what way he’ll go. For all the sore heads on New Years day, this could have been a bruising encounter, but thankfully fragility prevailed.

After a expert warm-up from Harri Pepper, Fett Burger took us on a perfect three-hour hangover cure. Familiar voices like Gloria Estefan did their part, as did the harmonies of the Brothers Johnson, but this journey was dominated by rhythm. Basement Jaxx c.1995, Kenlou and Louie Vega provided a percussive masterclass, while the Tshettsha Boys pulsated and hypnotised. It was then left to Joyce Brown and Norma Jean Bell to see us out with two sing-a-long finales and, as with all nights at Dance Tunnel, we could’ve gone a lot longer.

Take a listen to our 10 favourites from the night below. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long til the next Sex Tags encounter, as we host DJ Sotofett at Corsica Studios with the esteemed Tesselate. Tickets and info here. We’ll be back at Dance Tunnel in the Spring – keep an eye out!

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