Premiere: Albrecht La’Brooy – Pavilion

It was almost a year ago that we premiered the debut EP from Analogue Attic. Since that time, they have put out two fantastic four-trackers, saturated in their love of field recordings and analogue atmospherics. Edgewater Towers is the first EP of 2016 from the duo, Albrecht La’Brooy, and we have the pleasure of premiering Pavilion.

Intently following that gorgeous little bloop along its six and a half minute journey, you will find that it’s not a copy and paste job, but a playful input consisting of many miniscule variations. Very occasionally, it’ll jump up a few resonance notches, creep into the next beat, open up its reverb, change pitch or just bloop a little louder – all this personality before you even get to the rest of the track. Soft, finely grained hats, pitty-patty clavs, an interrogating piano chord sequence, all panning like mad to the sounds of teachers, school bells and kids chattering. It just oozes atmosphere.

It’s rare that a track like this goes out into the world as the flagship piece of an EP, so aware it’s presenting itself at a depth at which very few people are likely to engage. It isn’t so restrained that it can’t work on a dancefloor, but its emotional nuance is enough to challenge many of the average dance spaces around. It is delicate, pretty and tactically arranged. The rest of the EP perfectly follows this delicacy, and I hope that the label continues to do so too.

Edgewater Towers EP is out 18th January on Analogue Attic – pre-oder from Juno.

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