Dave Harvey’s 10 tracks that take him back to Tisno

Christmas time is often a time for nostalgic stories, and thankfully Garden Festival / Love International programmer Dave Harvey has a few that will stop you nodding off beside the fireplace. Looking back over a decade of moments at their serene spot in Croatia, he’s picked his ten moments – and the DJs who made them – that take him back to the Adriatic faster than the red-eye from Gatwick. The Garden Festival may have been put to rest, but never fear, as in its place this year comes Love International, a festival from the same stellar team. If July is too far away to wait, you can catch Dave and PBR Streetgang at the Futureboogie takeover at Patterns, Brighton this Saturday.

Phil France – ‘Transition’

We started these sunrise parties this year, from 6am until midday, right by the sea in a little copse of trees. Test Pressing and Mark from International Feel hosted them and they were really special. I could have picked any number of tunes from those but my highlight was when I got out on my lilo and our good friend Pete Leung, who is right up there when it comes to Adriatic soundtracks, dropped this – beautiful bit of music.

Paranoid London feat. Paris Brightledge – ‘Paris Dub 1’

Paranoid London came out and played and absolutely smashed it on the main stage. Raw as hell but seriously funky, it all sounded great but I definitely had a moment when this came on.

Young Marco – Video Days

Barbarellas is by far one of the best clubs I have ever been to and certainly ever played in. Job Jobse was one of the real highlights of the festival for me, and a lovely chap to boot. He played ‘Video Days’ in there and it was a really magic moment.

Crazy P – ‘Heartbreaker’

A big part of the last 10 years of the Garden Festival, I had to include one from the P. One of the tightest live acts you’ll see with one of the best frontwomen going, they are intrinsically part of Tisno for me.

Fort Romeau – ‘Saku’

Gerd Janson dropped this at the end of his set, it was one of many I didn’t know at the time and since then have become a big fan of Fort Romeau. Delicate but punchy, this one has been played a lot since.

Free Life – ‘Dance Fantasy’

Darshan from Metro Area is one of the best disco DJs I’ve heard, and always plays a great selection of stuff you’ve never heard and enough you do. He played this on the beach bar and it really worked.  I had to ask Mark Seven what this one was, since then I have nicked it for myself to be honest, sorry Darshan!

Talk Talk – ‘It’s My Life’

It’s widely regarded amongst the Garden faithful that Craig Richards’ set in the club was one of the highlights of the whole story, and this was that special moment when everyone – and I mean everyone, – lost it. One of those rare club moments of real team unity, magic.

Totally Unknown Artist – ‘Status 303’

Absolute killer that has been heard a lot in Felix Dickinson’s sets over the last 12 months or so. He dropped it in Barbarellas and it went off. Status IV with loads of acid – what’s not to like?

The Boomtown Rats – ‘Stay Up (Prince Language Edit)’

Bit of a self indulgent one here. I played this in the club in 2014 and it was up there with one of the best moments for me. Sunrise and everyone still at it, hands in the air business.

Out Hud – ‘Put It Away, Put It Away, Put It Away Dad’

One of the best names for a track ever, the PBR Streetgang lads played a wigged out, looped up and frankly mental extended version of this when they headlined the beach stage last year. They are some of my fave DJs and always deliver the goods. Looking forward to spinning with them in Brighton!

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