Atlus – Zopiclone EP

A new addition to theMister Saturday Night family steps up for their 18th release, a mysterious Glaswegian who goes by the name Atlus. Somehow finding a route between the far corners of techno and disco, Zopiclone traces a path through genres to create an EP that’ll travel the distance.

‘A Little More Time’ presents an eerie metallic soundscape which simultaneously haunts and enchants. Child-like chimes are playfully melancholic, demonstrating the intricacy of the production and drawing the listener into a new aural environment. Contrasting this, is the standout on the EP, ‘Gum’, which presents a distorted disco track that rolls better than a bike with no brakes. A vintage bassline with contemporary production, the track is a hypnotic cacophony of brass and cymbals that’ll raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Title track ‘Zopiclone’ is a dark wander through an abandoned space, somehow still dripping with life. Any tangible melody comes from the stark, troubling sounds and bleeps which echo around a strong kick.

Zopiclone is another accomplished addition to the Mister Saturday Night catalogue that continues to demonstrate Eamon and Justin’s ear for records that offer moments of euphoria and more serious self-reflection.

Zopiclone is released via Mister Saturday Night early December. Pre-order now from their website.

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