Piano virtuoso Lubomyr Melnyk plays London tomorrow


Presenting material artistically and with a unique perspective is no novel concept, but no easy feat to achieve either. Lubomyr Melnyk emphatically rallies against this trend when presenting his Continuous Piano Music, which he has pioneered tirelessly for four decades. The idea, heavily imbued to the minimalist movement of the 1970s, is to maintain an unbroken stream of sound, achieved with incredible invention and speed – the Ukrainian can play up to 19 notes a second with each hand. It’s an awe-inspiring sight by all accounts, and one which will sound particularly enchanting in St. John of Hackney Church, where he’ll be making a rare performance ahead of his second LP (due 27th Nov).

Joining will be a collaborative project from Kamilya Jubran (singer and oud player) and Sarah Murcia (bassist and composer) who met back in 1998 in Palestine and recently released Nhauol in 2013. Their composition’s delicate intricacies and Arabic framing should likewise work wonders in the uniquely vast yet intimate space. Completing the bill is guitarist James Blackshaw, boasting a meditative interpretation on Takoma finger picking, showcasing a style owing as much too contemporary classical composition as it does the folk guitar tradition.

Grab the final few tickets from See Tickets. Tomorrow’s event will also be broadcasted live on Boiler Room, and also marks the launch of Labyrinths, a series of international live music events across Beirut, Cairo and London from the Thirtythree Thirtythree (the team behind London’s acclaimed St John Sessions), and Nawa Recordings.

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