Youngblood Brass Band & Xavier Dolan hook up on film competition


As the sun beamed down off the Adriatic coast and the sweltering heat enveloped our crew at Dimensions Festival this summer – there were times when only a double caramel Magnum ice cream pop would satisfy our bodily needs (special shouts to ice-cream-man-about-town Filip for constantly sorting us on that front).

As the leading authority in pleasure, Magnum know a thing or two about indulgence, and this year the hedonistic ice cream connoisseurs teamed up with i-D and 26-year-old prodigy director Xavier Dolan for a short film competition called ‘Be True To Your Pleasure‘, presented by Vie Magnifique. Now three independent filmmakers – Kara Smith, Andrew Cumming & Patrick Downing – have been selected to create shorts about personal pleasure, indulgence and the joy of letting go.

Each is a unique take on the director’s interpretation of being true to your pleasure, being mentored by the Tarantino-favourite Dolan who stormed Cannes last year with his semi-biographic film Mommy, winning the Jury Prize alongside nine Canadian Screen Awards and ten Jutra Awards. Magnum ice cream also partnered up with influential bloggers and photographers, such as Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style and Laurent Liotardo, who helped to explore what it means to be true to your pleasure with their own unique approach on each film.

First up is Patrick Downing with ‘Pleasure is Ageless’, working with New York stylist Ari Seth Cohen to create a tounge-in-cheek story of two elderly people’s quirky personal pleasure of giving each other static shocks:

Next up is ‘Pleasure is Letting Go’, a dance-focused collaboration between director Andrew Cumming and English Royal Ballet principal dancer and photographer Laurent Liotardo. Following the ups and downs of a dedicated dance student, the protagonist Kai embodies the message of embracing your life’s pleasures to the max and enriching your life for the better.

Finally, Kara Smith’s ‘Pleasure is Following your Heart’ follows an impassioned fisherman through a problematic love affair soundtracked by hip-hop riot jazz ensemble group Youngblood Brass Band. Following feelings of passion and pleasure, a jealous fisherman finds himself in a fire-armed duel to the death with a brilliant end.

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