Top Five: FCL

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FCL is made up of Red D and San Soda, two Belgian DJs and producers who were responsible for one of the most unexpected runaway successes of recent dance music history. San Soda’s remix of ESP’s It’s You is the perfect DJ tool – a sparse, yet brilliantly effective acapella that had Jackmaster take to Twitter on his knees, begging for a rip of the highly sought after, limited white label release. Discogs bidding wars and uproar from fans ensued, as the remix was licenced for digital release (justified very reasonably by Red D). Now the dust has settled, FCL continue to do what they’ve always done: dedicate themselves to house music in its purest form. 2010’s Let’s Go laid down the marker, It’s You became the calling card, a release for 2020 Vision continued the standard and plans are afoot for a follow-up to It’s You with another remix of a rare, Chicago gem.

Did we mention they also DJ? This Saturday, they’ll be helping Halfnaked celebrate their 2nd Birthday at the Old Crown Courts. They’ll be supported by Krystal Klear of the back of a very strong debut release on his new label Cold Tonic.  In anticipation for their Bristol debut, they’ve picked out their favourite five tracks for us. Really honoured to bring you this one, and make sure you get down on Saturday. Tickets are nearly gone, with more info on the Facebook event.

Laurent Garnier – Bang (The Underground Doesn’t Stop)

The Parisian master and one of my all time favourite DJs is really back with dancefloor avengeance with this release. I love most of the stuff he does, but his more ambitious music never really lives up to his dancefloor standards. I’m expecting more of this in the future now that he has total label freedom again.

Da Posse – In The Life (Keys Mix)

Never tired of this one. Chicago rawness with some Detroit bliss thrown in. One of the more unique old-skool Chicago records, precisely because of the Detroit-styled melodies thrown in. Could have been Derrick May on keyboards really.


Locked Groove – Aquarius

Some WPH madness right here. Summing up exactly what I’m looking for in a release for my label: melody and originality, a little nod to the Belgian trance past, but firmly fresh and timeless in its own right. Locked Groove will have some more heat for us in the future I’m sure.

Nacho Marco (feat. Aqeel) – Open

Out now on vinyl and soon on digital from WPH. Deep, dark and soulful vocal perfection from Nacho Marco. I’m a sucker for great vocals, especially when the music is raw like this. It’s beautiful but still rough, moving body and soul alike. Very happy to have this one on my label, and you can expect both this one and the two Kiani remixes to get serious Bristolian play 😉

Pleasure Zone – Fantasy

This needs no explanation. One of my top 3 records of all times. Pure sex on wax. Isn’t that what’s it’s all about?

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