Top Five: Tom D’s favourite Detroit tracks at the moment

Tom D (of Dounts store fame) is one of a few choice local selectors supporting Andrés at our festive knees-up this Friday. It’s been a minute since his Bristol Spotlight mix (see below), so we thought we’d ask him for an update of where he’s at, musically. Given where Andrés is based, and its famous musical culture he’s so strongly apart of, we thought we’d look to Detroit for Tom’s Top Five. Soon realising how difficult it was to pick out five outright favourite, the brief soon changed, but the idea remains the same. We thought we’d try out this neat new playlisting tool from Songdrop, so follow us and like the mix if you feel it!

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Over to Tom: “By no means is this a list of the top five greatest tracks to come from The Motor City. Nor is it my own top five – an impossible task that no one should be asked to complete! This is merely a collection of songs born from Detroit that I’ve been enjoying recently. Old bits, new bits and in no particular order. Enjoy.”

PIRAHNAHEAD – Inner Turmoil

I was obsessed with this track for a while – still am actually. The baseline is amazing and the keys just effortlessly float over it.  It’s the last track from his first LP that seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

Floorplan – Above The Clouds

I’m relatively uneducated on the wealth of material Robert Hood has put out but I’m currently enjoying exploring his discography.  Such a prolific producer and figure in Detroit techno it’s hard to know where to start.  This is a relatively new track from his recent Paradise LP, which I’m feeling.

Urban Tribe – D-2000

This is just dope – real lazy swing to it.  DJ Stingray under his Urban Tribe guise with a little help from KDJ.

Generation Next – Acid Alcohol

There’s some heavyweight shit coming from the new generation of Detroit guys.  Jay Daniel, MGUN and Generation Next are all sickos.

Ultimate Ovation – Girl, You’re All I Want

Ultimate Ovation had a handful of releases in the 70s before disappearing for around 30 years.  They resurfaced in 2007 with this absolute belter.  Shouts to Andy Mac on this one who managed to get it firmly lodged in my head after a recent excursion to London.


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