As a student music webzine, we are always on the look out for opportunities and advice that may lend our readers a helpful hand in their own pursuits. So when we came across O2’s GoThinkBig project, we thought it would only be right for us to share it with you.

As students (and recently graduated students) ourselves, we know how important work experience is to getting your foot on the career ladder. Not only does it beef up your CV to dazzle future employers, it also provides a crucial taste of what it would be like working in a particular sector. In this regard, it can be very enlightening to discover what you like and don’t like, what you are good and not so good at.

Part of the reason we started this blog was to gain first hand experience that could then set us apart from others when we applied for work experience opportunities. And it has been extremely fruitful. I actually started my industry experience writing music reviews for my student paper – not long after I became music editor. Being in daily contact with music PR companies that were pushing their artists in our paper I was actually able to network and set up some work experience in London when I was back for a few months. Admittedly, the demeaning tasks of packaging CD’s for hours at a time wasn’t life changing. But it did allow me to witness the workings of a successful music PR company from the inside – something incredibly valuable. After having that on my CV I managed to secure an internship at a major music label, which in turn has opened so many doors for me. Just networking with people in the industry has provided so many more opportunities that would never have opened up if I had never got that done that initial work experience.

This is where O2’s GoThinkBig comes in. They not only provide advice and helpful tips with regards to starting a career, they are also offering 16-24 year olds work experience and internships from some of the biggest companies in the UK. It’s actually quite astonishing. And to be perfectly honest, a little part of me is quite reluctant in writing this post for the obvious reason that I want all these opportunities to myself. But hey, I’m a nice guy.

To give you an idea of what GoThinkBig is all about, check out the behind-the-scenes footage of almost 100 young people getting work experience on the set of a Rizzle Kicks video below, that O2 and GoThinkBig set up. Since the shoot, two of the guys who were working have actually landed further paid work in the industry, which undoubtedly proves its worth.

If you want to get your foot on the career ladder head over to for more work experience opportunities.

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