@peace – Girl Songs EP

New work from our favourite New Zealand Hip-Hop group has been a long time coming. @Peace first caught our eye in November 2011 with one of our top albums of the year and have selfishly been keeping us waiting ever since. One big heartbreak later from Tom Scott (one of the two rappers in the group) and they’re back with an EP telling that story, and  on the most appropriate day of the year. In case you were in any doubt about the emotional turmoil on display, Tom admits ‘I wouldn’t talk about this shit unless it rhymed’ and to be fair some of the subject matter is a bit much to discuss over a beer. So Hip-Hop, we thank you for being there for Tom in facilitating his heartbreak and inspiring him and the @Peace boys to make some much-needed new material. As expected, it’s full to the brim with Christoph El Truento’s intricate beats coupled with the immaculate verses from Tom and Lui. If there’s space for some extra love on Valentine’s Day then let Girl Songs into your heart: have a watch of the making of the EP below along with our highlights, and, if you dig it, buy it from their Bandcamp. @Peace neeeeed to tour outside New Zealand but it ain’t gonna pay for itself.

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