Artist Spotlight: The Busy Twist

At just 21, Gabriel Benn (a.k.a Tuesday Born) and Ollie Williams (a.k.a Ollie Twist) are making some impressive African/Electronic fusion and self-releasing it off their own label, The People’s Ear. Although they’re based in London, much of the creative work goes on in Ghana where the inspiration for their music first came about. Having already sung the praises of Larry Achiampong, we’re well-accustomed to the potential for Ghanaian music to cross genres and it’s good to see The Busy Twist taking it in another direction again. Combining the energy of African music with the influences of the London Bass scene the results range from irresistible dance numbers (1995) to powerful, almost hypnotic tracks with a strong Ghanaian affiliation (LDN Luanda).

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