Artist Spotlight: Bayou

883123_218426604970886_163666253_oLabel: Unsigned
Genre: Bedroom Pop
Members: Hari Ashurst
Based: London
Sounds Like: Jai Paul, Rhye, King Krule
Links: FacebookTumblr, Twitter

It’s simple economics that if you limit the supply of something, the demand for it will go up. In underground music, this is being increasingly employed when it comes to disclosing information about new artists. Vondelpark did it, so did Rhye and London Grammar, all great examples of anonymity bringing the music to the fore, while mystery around its creator gets the internet abuzz with curiosity. When Bayou released Cherry Cola late last year, it was accompanied with next to know information and so the familiar cycle of blog hype started, which has been used to point the spotlight on a lot of rubbish. Two things were different though. Cherry Cola was a beautiful piece of bedroom pop, alluring in its soft and unassuming presence and immediately drawing comparisons to another musical enigma Jai Paul. Second, after bits of information have trickled out following the track’s success, it seems the illusiveness was more like modesty. Hari Ashurst, the singer and producer behind Bayou, was just testing the water with a new project (having previously released music as Treasure and PRIZES), and after it went down a treat he’s lifted the veil on his identity and released a second lovely track Forever Deluxe. We look forward to much more, and from what he says in the interview below, he’s got some exciting things in store.

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