Premiere: NOON – Droga

NOON may be a new name to many here in the UK, but in his home of Poland he remains one of the country’s most respected producers. With 20 years of producing under his belt, since his beginnings in hip hop group Grammatik his music has evolved to take in elements of electronica and breakbeat, characterised by his innate sampling ability and use of analogue synthesis.

His new EP ALGORYTM marks the eighth release on London via Poland imprint Lanquidity Records, and a move away from the label’s usual jazz sphere which has previously showcased the likes of the Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet and Baaba. Over four tracks NOON sketches out compositions which chart the evolution of short pieces of music first made in 2010. Our pick is epic finale, ‘Droga’, a beautifully cinematic and multi-layered narrative, that like the producer itself unravels and evolves throughout its journey, carried by the enchanting vocal of Polish melodist Adam Strug. Make sure you ride this one through to the end.

ALGORYTM is out on 4th May. Pre order your copy via Lanquidity Records

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