Premiere: SMANDEM. ft. Pink Oculus – Parasite

Amsterdam-based four-piece SMANDEM. are on a mission to bridge the gap between the traditional and the contemporary. Influenced by classic jazz as much as contemporary hip hop and trap, their musical output effortlessly explores this marriage of styles, without borders or restraint.

This cocktail of sounds pricked the ears of Dutch party and label Super-Sonic Jazz who signed the group’s debut EP ‘Self-Titled’. Their open-minded and improvisational approach— built on the foundations of a solid friendship —shines across the six tracks which seamlessly fuse meandering guitar licks with lush melodies, syncopated bass and fierce drum rhythms.

On today’s premiere, ‘Parasite’, the band team up with Dutch singer-songwriter Pink Oculus, who provides warm vocals that sit atop SMANDEM.’s driving bass and rich guitar riffs, which melt away at the half-way mark, replaced by dreamy keys and warm subs.

Self-Titled will be released on 30th April via Super-Sonic Jazz.

Stamp The Wax · SMANDEM. ft. Pink Oculus – Parasite (STW Premiere)

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