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While the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown some pretty existential challenges our way, it’s also got us thinking about our role as a magazine in promoting a change in attitudes and behaviour when we do emerge out the other side. As Katia discussed in her recent Reflections, we have an opportunity to learn from the minimalistic nature of lockdown life to make our scene more carbon-friendly and sustainable, from discourse shifts to significant changes in the way we work, play and travel. With that in mind, we’re launching (Extended Mix), a new charitable series that celebrates all-night specialists with mixes of at least four hours. While clubs stay shut, it’s the closest doors-til-close experience you’ll get from a DJ to your home. Instead of paying on the door, we invite listeners to thank the DJ by either donating to them directly to make up for their cancelled gigs, or to a chosen charity. When dance floors do open again, (Extended Mix) will become a pool of talent that proves more is less when it comes to curating lineups, and we hope it encourages a more widespread shift to simple, carbon-friendly lineups.

We start the series with a big one, both in length and stature – deejay, designer, producer, Sex Tags co-captain, Trush Mix curator and Distributed boss DJ Fett Burger. Not content with the four hour challenge, he trebled it into a marathon 12 hours, mostly vinyl and recorded in four sittings across a weekend. Full of sharp twists and turns (“I have  realised that my mixing style is equal to how I always painted graffiti. It’s a bit off or wonky”), it’s constructed more like an “underground radio show” than a club set, as he explains in the interview below. Proudly principled and never one to hold back on his perspectives, we also chat more about the idea of all-night sets – how he approaches them, what a perfect one feels like, and the people, sounds and moments that inspire him.

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Thanks for recording an extended mix for us. How did you find the recording process?

You are very welcome! Thanks for asking me to do an extended mix! I had a great time recording this. Since you asked me to do an extended mix, I thought why not make it actually long. So I got into my zone, and made this twelve hour mix. When it’s getting this long I just followed my musical inspiration at the moment. And then even I get surprised sometimes, and that’s a great feeling and makes it a lot of fun. Also musically it’s interesting.

How did you approach the mix? Did you have an idea in mind beforehand? Was there much pre-planning or did you just trust your instincts?

It took me four days with around three hour sets each day to record the mix. I did that between 30th April and 3rd May, so a long weekend. And no, I did not do a whole twelve hour set in my own studio, haha. It is a very different flow and energy when playing to yourself than with an audience in a club obviously. And to make a real long mix in such a setting can be a bit demanding. and is a commitment project.  So with that in mind I wanted to create a mix that was fun to make, with a good flow and energy,  but I also wanted it to be a highly enjoyable listening experience. And also very different from a club or party setting.

So when I decided to make a mix this long, my idea for it was to make it as an underground radio show. Like something you can listen to non-stop for a whole night or longer. A radio show with no host, no musical boundaries, and of course something that reflects my style as a DJ. And just create a good mood musical journey. And hopefully also interesting.

As something very important for me while making this mix was the whole idea of the unexpected.

It’s not a one style mix, like so many DJs these days play. Like a certain kind of house, techno etc. That’s not for me. I like a broad variation, so this mix is a music mix. Of course it leans towards certain genres more than others, but still, the approach is free and open to variations and the unexpected shift. Tempo go up and down, and never static really. Also everything has a purpose in this mix. Every track moves towards the other stylistically somehow, even if it’s a shift in genre, or tempo. Somehow it becomes a long story. And I like that idea a lot.

The whole mix was made freestyle, like I always do mixes, I never plan them. Except of course there are a few songs or tracks I really wanted in there. And sometimes I kind of used them as abstract building blocks, to create a mood around the idea of putting in theses tracks or songs. But it’s all just done on the go. I have a lot of records, so I just felt every new record coming in, a free flow of conciseness for twelve hours, it’s like a spiritual trip when you’re in the zone. The brain starts to fly high!

Musically I played music and artists that have been important for me as influences, both as a DJ and producer, so a lot of older music, It’s a trip through influences and inspiration of some sort! And I also play a lot of music from friends and my community. People that create in the now! So also a lot of contemporary stuff. Since everything I do is really based on the idea of community and a small scene (I guess today’s version of underground or an alternative scenes) and I really wanted that to be reflected in the mix as well. Because it’s something I care deeply about, and also it’s why I do the things I do, and how I do them. And of course I put in my own music as well, released and unreleased. So spot it if you can! But mainly it’s a mix of good music that has to be an enjoyable listening experience, known or unknown, everything goes. And hope it will be enjoyable for some.

Mix wise it’s done in a classic DJ Fett Burger eccentric style. 90% vinyl, since I enjoy playing records most, but also put in some digital stuff. I have now also realised that my mixing style is equally to how I always painted graffiti. It’s just always a bit off or wonky in a way. I can’t make a straight line even if you pay me a million dollars, and same with my mixing. I care very much about mixing so it sounds  good. But I never really make a perfect straight mix. But as long flow and energy is not lost and things are executed genuine and with good style, I think it’s good. I never use Rekordbox or these automated mixing tools, so my mixes are organically done. And I like that, a few skips and bops gives it a human touch and my flavour. And I love that! (Not to be confused with bad mixing, haha).

Since this mix is long, I play a lot of the songs from beginning till the end, since I wanted to emphasise their structure and musicality. Some songs or tracks are long for a reason, and to get it, you have to play the whole thing. It’s a feeling and a vibe. The idea of the listener was very important to me here. So some songs are just played others are mixed together in a more DJ friendly approach. Yeah man that’s how I felt like doing it!

Photo: Fett Burger

Could you talk us through a couple standouts from set?

I don’t have any standouts really. It’s just a whole long piece!

But since there are a lot of different genres, styles, and also energy wise, shifts makes it a very dynamic experience, but at the same time not as an exhausting one. And I was very aware of that when I made it. Gotta keep it constantly interesting and engaging somehow if you want people to be in it for the long run. Also it’s really difficult for me to pick standouts, since it’s so much of my favourite kind of music in the there, so for me that kind of experience is one musically highlight after another. And that was also my main idea. Create a long mix of highlights, at least for me.

Where’s been your favourite place to play an all-night set, and why?

I don’t really have a favourite place, since I done so many long sets, and in many different places around the world and situations. So it’s not so much about the place but the energy and vibe. And if you have the crowd that are in it for the long run then it’s right. It’s when people are into the trip, by dancing, being curious and sending the energy you as DJ put out back to you. Then the synergy effect keeps everything going. Tempo goes up and down, people are with you on your trip! When you find the sweet spot in the crowd, when you can play whatever you want, that’s when you know it’s gonna be amazing.

It’s pure bliss and positive energy, also becomes very sexual energy wise, which is fantastic. DJing has to be sexual, or else it’s not exciting for me, at least not for long sets.

I do my almost monthly residency Paloma gigs in Berlin, that’s mainly me playing all night, (Berlin all night) and it’s always an interesting experience. And sometimes you get those all night’s when you are around the world as well. And I love it. At first it’s always hard, gotta work the crowd, but when or if you find the right energy and spot the crowd is yours, then it’s just fantastic! Then you share something mutual with the crowd, and that’s joy!

Who are some of your favourite all-night specialists, and why?

Some of my inspirations for the long sets?

The classics! It’s always been the idea of Larry Levan and Ron Hardy that inspired me. Also it was DJ Harvey in the 90s and beginning to mid-2000s. And 70s till 90s New York City, everything cool and good from that place!! And subway graffiti in Rome during the 90s, nothing really technical, just energy and full of soul. And sometimes a vintage Ibiza utopia. All the things that I never experienced and only have as ideas and fantasies in my head. And I built a whole idea about how I want DJing to be around these things. And that is what I’m doing now.

I like Moodymann and Theo Parrish productions, especially what they made before, their music is inspiring in every set! Jeff Mills is great, it’s so consistent and pure! I really enjoy the enthusiasm and weird show Ricardo Villalobos puts on. I truly like people with character and personality! Celebrate the eccentric! Selection-wise I also like the radio shows of DJ Strangefruit in the 90s and Idjut Boys recorded DJ-sets from the same time. The best records played, and everything goes with heavy dubs. Brian Not Brian is also really good! Excellent DJ! His unlimited enthusiasm for the artistic and cool side of DJing is just so positive and amazing. And Bjørn Torske the true artist, always been inspiring to me.

I also like very much the long sets DJ Sotofett and me do together, they are the best. Very unique in the way we communicate with each other through music, and mutual understanding of what fills out the other. An amazing synergic effect, like I have with nobody else. Above sky is the limit here!

That is my favourite!

And then I’m inspired by my own sets. Maybe people will think I have a big ego or something because I say that. But I actually get inspired by myself. That’s because I am what I want to be, and I’m very confident about that. I am aware of my limitations, but also know my strengths. By being genuinely me and use what I got it works!  And that is fantastic I think! Gotta be positive and curious, gotta believe and be playful, and gotta love yourself to be able to love others and spread the good vibes! Be who you wanna be, be free!

I love looking back to move forward, that’s my game. Always move forward, but take with you the good stuff from the past!  And be on the alternative side of life. The good kind of underground!



If you enjoy the mix, DJ Fett Burger invites you to donate to the Norway Rainforest Foundation.

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