Premiere: Pinty – Ceasors (12″ Mix)

Deep into shooting the interview section of our Rhythm Section doc, we took some time out  with Bradley to get some shots of him messing around at home. Habit drew him towards the CDJs, and he began running through some forthcoming material. In and amongst the broken rhythms and soulful tones that have become commonplace on the label, there was a deep-toned lyricist that stood out, offset against a woozy, late-night production that felt more at home in clubs than a smoke-filled bedroom.

The voice was was Bradley’s neighbour MC Pinty and on the buttons was King Krule under his DJ JD Sports. Three years later that standout track ‘Caesors’ gets a full release on Pinty’s debut solo EP City Limits. 

It feels a bit dirty to still reach for the Mike Skinner link, especially after nearly two decades of lazy comparisons for anything with a male rapper over a garage beat, but the stylistic comparisons aren’t the point here. In Pinty, Rhythm Section have found a voice who is reinventing hip-hop for clubs, with the same nouse as Original Pirate Material. This sounds spot on for 2019 and it couldn’t feel more at home on Rhythm Section.

City Limits is out now – buy from Bandcamp.

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