Rhythm Sister launch new 50/50 mix series

The presence of women and non-binary people in the music industry is far from nascent; for a long time now non-male artists have bossed their craft, yet due to inequalities within the industry their lack of visibility continues to loom and obstruct.

Through this new mix series, which asks curators to include 50% or more of its content to be created by womxn or non-binary people, Rhythm Sister collective continue in their work to bringing to prominence music that may not get the attention it deserves. To “show that female-identifying and non-binary artists are not few and far between, as is an often-held belief, and improve representation of all the talented producers & musicians out there”.

The series has been created in collaboration with domestic violence charity, Refuge. As the music; Rhythm Sister will be selling limited edition prints for each mix designed by talented Bristol based artist Danielle Doobay, with all proceeds going to the charity. View the full prints and buy here.

Transmission 1: Zipporah

The series is kicked of by our very own Zipporah, DJ, musical creative and film-maker; who has created a mix which is 100% female produced. In her words- “I think we have a bit of a stereotype that if there are female producers out there they are likely to be in the 4×4 sector of music, but in this mix I wanted to show that we actually have women making everything! I hope listening to this mix will show listeners that not only is there a massive diversity in the sound of female producers, but there is also a great diversity amongst female identifying producers, from trans to cis, black to white, Chinese to Egyptian: all around the world women are making music and its amazing <3”

Transmission 2: Banoffee Pies

Following closely behind are Bristol based DJ duo Banoffee Pies who’s parties and hugely successful label projects epitomise their eclectic musical tastes. In their words – “For this mix I chose a selection of tracks all produced or remixed by female artists. The mood of the recording is slightly left and swirls from upbeat full bodied breaks and techno, to low slung jingles, jangles and floor grooves. I included tracks from some of my favourite producers at the moment, who all to me have a distinct and original sound”.


Ahead of the launch we caught up with Jess Farley, Rhythm Sister founder to find out a little more on the series:

We love the 50/50 concept you have come up with for this mix series, drawing comparisons to event billings by putting a focus on the artists within the tracklist. Where did this idea of using a mix as the platform come from?

With Rhythm Sister already running all female/nb workshops and nights we thought it would be a good concept to extend to the mix series. I was interested to see what people thought of the idea so I posted about it online. The opinion was divided, but generally the response was great with lots of people supporting. It was interesting to see how a few men thought the idea was ‘sexist’: ‘music should be genderless’ type answers. Like you shouldn’t pick music just because they’re a woman, I don’t think many of them could comprehend that you could have a gender constraint on a mix for the sake of showcasing under represented talent, AND STILL it be good music. I think it showed the importance of actually doing something like this, to showcase the music, but to also (try) change those opinions.

Will the series act as a platform to promote LGBTQI+ and WOC as DJs creating the mixes also?

Yes definitely we want the series to promote people from all backgrounds and especially those under represented in music and creative industries. We also want cis men to contribute (hence including Banoffee Pies in the launch) as I think it gives off a powerful message to have allies supporting the course.

Do you feel that more creative ventures like this are the way to moving from conversation to action with regards to the continuing inequality within the industry?

I think they are part of the way forward, and to encourage others to make a conscious effort to use their position & platforms (either small or big) to support & showcase talent from under represented people. I think a lot of people find the concept of equality difficult because it means changing what they already do and doing a bit more work for it, but this music, these people, are out there if you look, it’s not that hard!

Listen to both mixes and checkout their tracklists below:

Infinity Love – Jean Grae
Marching – Jojo Abot
Nothin to Somethin – Syd
Kathy Lee – Jessy Lanza
You Don’t – Eva808
Lossy – Ikonika
Lava – Nightwave
Orobon – Barda
Let Ting Go – Asmara
Let’s Talk About Gender Baby – Planningtorock – LAFAWNDAH & ADR remix
Make It Up – Tirzah (prod by Micachu)
Fathom Five – Jayda G
Up All Night – Eluize
Did You Ever – Daniela La Luz Grand Central Part 1 – DJ Sprinkles
Personal Slave ft. Charles McCloud – Honey Dijon
Daylight – Octo Octa
Happy – Flava D & Miss Fire
UK Lonely – Or:la
Love Refix Dub – Cooly G
I Guess – ABRA
Fein Enta – Aya Metwalli
Bijoux de Diamants – E.M.M.A
Shanghai Freeway – Fatima Al Qadiri
Blessing – iamneurope (prod. TRAKGIRL)
Ache – MISO

Unknown – Mistress In The Matrix (Accapella)
Machine Woman – Iron Curtain
Upsammy – 09-06
Roza Ternezi – Weakest Link (D. Tiffany Remix)
Beatrice Dilon & Call Super – Inject
Beta Librae – Whisper Game
rRoxymore – Tropicalcore
Charlotte Isabelle – Haumea
Lena Platonos – Lego (Lena Willikens Remix)
Onto Octa – Adrift (Avalon Emerson Furiously Awake Version)
Umfang- Force Maayan Nidam – Don’t Know Why
Mara Trax – Sticky Fingers

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