Idjut Boys, RAMZi, Nick The Record and Groove Chronicles to play Meadows in the Mountains 2018

So proud are they of their location, Meadows in the Mountains need nothing but that in their name. Set in the Rhodope Mountains, 850m above sea level in the Bulgarian village of Polkovnik Serafimovo, this four day festival is characterised by its panoramic vistas, inclusive attitude (no festival goers and locals) and artistic diversity.

Highlights from the first lineup announcement include Idjut Boys, RAMZi (Live), Nick The Record and Groove Chronicles. They’re joined by our own Aaron L, Anna Wall, Brother Portrait, Charlotte dos Santos, Commix, Donna Leake, Doubtingthomas, Kalabrese & Small Rumpleorchestra, Laura Misch, Rough Draft and Zakia.

For tickest and accommodation head to the MITM Website and watch the 2017 highlight film below.


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