CC:DISCO!’s top 10 tunes for a candlelit bath


Nothing quite beats dipping in a scolding hot bath after a long day, bubbles up to your chin, closing your eyes and drifting away to a soundtrack that soothes your troubles away. Melbourne’s MVP disco selector CC:DISCO! reckons she that perfect musical formula to accompany said utopia. Here she shares ten favourites from her dream list. Listen out of the bath at your peril.

Catch CC in London this week, guesting for our evening at Brilliant Corners (24th Aug) and at the Flamingo Pier 3rd Birthday (26th Aug) alongside Session Victim and Chaos in the CBD. 

Listen to all tracks below or, if you’d like to test it out in your own bath without risking water damage, stick on this playlist.

Wilbur Lewis and the Unique Experience – ‘I’ll Come to You’

Finally got myself a copy and it was just as good as I though I would be while listening in the bath. A true masterpiece this one.

Gene Dunlap – ‘Surest Things Can Change’

So many gems on this record but this one really stands out to me and by candle light it’s even better.

DC La Rue – ‘Do You Want The Real Thing’

My record of this is only three minutes so highly recommend the Youtube clip as it goes for 12. Amazing song to light those candles to baby.

Truth and Devotion – ‘Heaven at Last’

Love a bit of spoken word and love me some gospel. Perfect for those Monday nights you just want to spend alone.

Demo Cates – ‘Memories and Moments’

One of the my fav 45s this great gem is just perfect to enjoy in the water. Demo has the most beautiful voice on this track.

Alex – ‘I Gotta Feel Something’

Great bath tunes need a good solid intro, so you can really listen and appreciate them. This one is perfect for that.

Take 6 – ‘He Never Sleeps’

Six dudes singing as one. What more could you want?

TLC – ‘Diggin on You’

Now follow that up with one of the sweetest pop tunes ever written. Take it away ladies.

Larry Heard – ‘What About This Love’

I’ve had so many baths to this song. It’s truly one of my all time favourites. Everything about this song is just beautiful and timeless.

Pacific Eardrum – ‘Inner Circles’

Now you always need that track to get you out of the bath, the one that’s a bit too upbeat to keep sitting in there and motivates you to get out. This Kiwi gem is just the one to put some pep in your step.

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