City Guide: Cazeria Cazador present Santiago

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We always knew Santiago, Chile, had an air to it, thanks to its fusion of South American spice and Europen suave. However, we are only now getting to know its underground music scene, thanks to local collective and label Cazeria Cazador coming our way. Launching in 2015, the label and collective’s origins lie in throwing illegal parties and creating a space for people to dance freely in the city. Chilean-born Nicolas Jaar even contacted them personally to throw a party together, which they did in a huge house in the middle of one of Santiago’s most historical neighbourhoods. Well jel.

The crew are continuously developing the local scene as well as providing a platform for artists to release music as a counter cultural response to local laws. They are now releasing their first official compilation, showcasing five label affiliates, featuring tracks from Russell, Aurelius98, Tomás Urquieta, Mas569 and Mucho Sueño, resulting in a fiery techno EP, that encapsulates both the life of the parties as well as the raw abstract sound of the city.

Check out the map above and interview below for Cazeria Cazador’s favourite spots, while you listen to a 100% Santiago mix.

Favourite place to buy records?

There are few places to actually buy any records, there’s a big market where you can buy anything which is called Persa Bio-Bio, near Franklin metro station, you can get new and used records there. There are also many small record shops which have good selection of varied stuff like Needle, Tres Oidos or Tienda Dinosaurio. Also more classic ones like Funtracks or Lugar Sin Límites both in Providencia. For contemporary electronic music there are no specialized record shops in Santiago.

Favourite live music venue?

For general types of music you can go to Teatro Caupolicán or Blondie. Both spaces are big but not stadium big so acoustically they sound well.

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Best party in the city?

Best parties in Santiago we would say are Rinskitin Club (RNSKTN) and Club Sauna. Both itinerant parties that pop-up somewhere and make something happen. Very special experiences.

Best view of the city?

Near the center you have Santa Lucía hill (629 MAMSL), from the city of Santiago was founded and now there is a castle with many paths to walk up and down the hill. There’s also San Cristobal hill (880 MAMSL), higher than the previous one. Counts with a funicular and cable cars you can take to the top. Far from the center you can find Farellones (2430 MAMSL) which is a small mountain town. If you are feeling lazy you can just go to the top of Costanera Center (300m).

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Favourite cafes and restaurants?

There’s a place we go a lot which is called La Terraza, a typical “fuente de soda” from Santiago, not the best out there though, but for us it has some sort of sentimental value. Some great sandwich places are Fuente Alemana and Fuente Mardoqueo. If you want to get one the best pizza around go to Da Dino in downtown. For typical chilean meals you can go to La Familia in Providencia. For a great café in Bellas Artes visit Café & Bistro de la Barra or Café del Opera. If you want to visit a small, cousy, owner-attended, vegetarian, cool restaurant you should not miss La Casa Del Carnero.

Is there somewhere you like going to escape the hustle and bustle and take some time away for yourself?

Maybe a nearby park or by Mapocho river, or if we would like to really go out then we might take a trip near the ocean in ValparaÌso for example, less than two hours away from Santiago. Or if you prefer the mountains you should maybe try CajÛn del Maipo area in the southern-east part of the city

Best place to experience something unique to Santiago?

Well… for anyone that hasn’t been somewhere that itself is a unique experience. To be somewhere you don’t know and constantly being stimulated with different views, smells, tastes, people, etc. Santiago and Chile in general are a truly unique experience whether you are in the desert, the snowy mountains, the millenary forests or glaciers of the south, anywhere in the vast coast of pacific ocean, etc. In that sense Santiago is the least of unique, you should explore the whole country.

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First thing you miss after leaving Santiago?

If we go abroad then for sure we would say bread. Chile is one of the best places to eat bread no doubt. Also, once you get use to be surrounded by mountains and hills is hard not to miss them if you leave.

Best place to see another medium of art other than music?

Best place for sure is the streets. Graffiti is huge in Santiago, a must-see if you are here (probably won’t be able to miss it anyway). For more traditional places you can go to Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC) or Museo Bellas Artes, for more local stuff you can go to Club Social de Artistas in Matta neighborhood, Cinemas like Normandie or Biógrafo, La Perrera Arte (rarely open) in Parque los Reyes. Also there are some visual artists doing cool things on their own like photographer Sebastian “Gag-Ball” Ghërre, painters Matías DeSastre, FIFA2000 and many more.

What are your favourite shops for things other than music?

We don’t really shop that much but like we sayed before, you can find virtually anything in Persa Bio-Bio on weekends. If it’s not there then probably it doesn’t exists in Santiago.

What is your favourite street to walk along and why?

More than just one street, Yungay neighbourhood is a great area to walk by, historical neighborhoods with very old residential constructions, many small local shops and restaurants, parks, etc. Matta neighborhoods as well, lots of street art.

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Are there any markets in your city worth checking out?

Yes, many worth checking (preferably on weekends): Persa Bio-Bio in Franklin (biggest market in Santiago), Vega Central and Tirso de Molina in Recoleta, Mercado Central in Cal y Canto. Almost every park has it’s own flea market on weekends.

What’s the best and worst thing about living in Santiago?

One of the best things is that despite it’s big city a lot of things happen within the central area so once you are there it’s all settled. Probably the worst things are air quality and traffic, apart from every other bad aspect of living with other 5 million people.

Who’s doing good things for Santiago music right now, who you’d like to shout out?

Lots of people are doing interesting things, shouts out to Roman, Lavina Yelb, Nes and Juan Pablo from BYM records (great band roster), Massiande, Domingo García-Huidobro and Föllakzoid, Discos Pegaos, Discos Pato Carlos, Cuma10000, Eggglub, Halfboy and many more. It’s really a good time for music in Chile, lot of new things everyday.

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Could you tell us about the mix you’ve made for us? Where and how did you record it, what was the idea behind it and are there?

It’s a miscelaneous selection of chilean music, very varied. The idea was to portray our music’s past, present and future without any genre boundary, this is just music we like. Although it’s curious how many of this artists are chilean but do not live in Chile, this may be because Chile is not a country that has historically supported art and culture, it has a long tradition of opression and colonialism, very conservative.

And finally, what’s on the horizon for you in terms of live dates or releases we should look out for?

We are about to release our first V/A compilation called ‘CZCZ V/A Vol.I – Virus Artists‘ in 12″ vinyl, it features original national material from 5 artists from the label. There will be a special launch party for this, locations TBA.

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ElectrodomÈsticos – Yo La QuerÌa
Los Prisioneros – Tren Al Sur
Los Pinochet Boys – Botellas Sobre El Pavimento
Upa! – cuando vuelvas
Fˆllakzoid – Piure
Chicos De Nazca – Street Social Afternoon
Rubio – Mo [Instrumental] KB Cabala – Sun Runner
Nueva Costa – Conectar
Lavina Yelb – DespuÈs De Clases
Eggglub & Vandal Boogie – 004k
Zonora Point – Fiesta Ilegal
Paul Marmota – Destino ParaÌso
Qasio – Stuff
Massiande – That Feeling
Mucho SueÒo – Tuareg
Russell – Randex
Kanyon – Piscina
Mas569 – La OcasiÛn
Aurelius98 – Nimda
Imaabs – Distancia
Tom·s Urquieta – Koob
Halfboy – Dembow
Alis˙ – Paisaje Sideral
Aguadelafuente – untitled
Paredes PsicolÛgicas – Aguacamina

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