Zipporah on Worldwide FM (Tel Aviv Takeover) – 5th May 2017

Zipporah explores the local sounds and scenes of Middle Eastern cultural hot-spot, Tel Aviv, in a special four hour takeover for Worldwide FM. Zipporah kicks things off with a set that explores the contemporary beats and bass sounds of the Middle East, from Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. Joined by local rnb musician ZIV for a live session. Zipporah hosts local guests Rejoicer (Raw Tapes) representing the city’s beats and jazz scene, Red Axes diving into the new wave, punk and electronic scene and TAMVIN bringing their bass-heavy club focused Middle Eastern sound.

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Mo Rayon – Green2 [Unreleased] // Israel
Dijit ft. As Dee – العدرة ٣ (Al Adra 3) [Not on Label] // Egypt
El Rass ft. Ma3azef – ولعانة | الراس (Ulran Arass) [Not on Label] // Lebanon
Abu Outhaina – ترابط القضبان (Trabt Aliqban) [Not on Label] // Palestine
Aya Metwalli – Fein Enta [Not on Label] // Egypt
Abyusif pr. Marwan Moousa – أغنية أنا كدة مبسوط (Ana Keda Madsoot) [Not on Label] // Egypt
Kolonel Blip ft STormtrap, Abultees, Hajzlon – مشوار (Mishwaar) // Palestine
Muqata’a ft Khotta BA, Dakn, Riyadiyat – مقاطعة، خطة ب، داكن، رياضيات – مسحوق العجب (Mas-houq il ajab) [Not on Label] // Palestine
Dakn – ko71 [Unknown] // Palestine
Yey4Ney – We Are Not Wrong [Raw Tapes] // Israel
LعEES ft. Ra – Tammaman [Unknown] // Palestine
Michael Swissa – לא סוחר (Lo soher) [Not on Label] // Israel
Mukta-feen & Dakn – حبة رِمان انتاج.مُكتة-فين و داكِنْ (Half Half) [Not on Label] // Palestine
Smokable ft. Yasmine El Bakly – تنزيله (Tanzila) [Sefr Records] // Syria
Bashar Suleiman – Pinacoloda {Not on Label] // Jordan

ZIV – Live Set

ZIV – fuck and love [self-released] // Israel
ZIV – and it feels like [self-released] // Israel
ZIV – 9/11 [self-released] // Israel


LayerZ- Morning Forests [Raw Tapes] // Israel
Nitai Hershkovits- Flying Bamboo [Raw Tapes] // Israel
Buttering Trio – Hayamim Ha’arookim [Raw Tapes] // Israel
Rejoicer – Danger Into Master ft. Shlomo Bar [Raw Tapes] // Israel
Battering Trio – Love And Music [Raw Tapes] // Israel
Rejoicer – Neodrive
Rejoicer – Yesterday’s Forest Magic // Israel
Battering Trio – Refugee Song [Raw Tapes] // Israel
Rejoicer – High On Star Dance // Israel
Rejoicer – Double Astral Move // Israel
Amir Bresler – Afro Golden Line [Raw Tapes] // Israel
Playdead – Color With Friends [Raw Tapes] // Israel
Sefi Zisling – Open The Door [Raw Tapes] // Israel
Nitai Hershkovits – Sattelite Dish ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow [Raw Tapes] // Israel
Beno and rejoicer 88 [Raw Tapes] // Israel
Playdead – In Your Dream [Raw Tapes] // Israel

Red Axes

Red Axes – Piper Work [Garzen] // Israel
Red Axes ft. Eylonzo – Kadima Ahora [Garzen] // Israel
Tzuzamen – Beauty And The Rich [Know Productions] // israel
The White Screen – Indianim [Garzen] // Israel
Abrão – lembra [Not on Label] // Israel
Xen – Pere Adam [Not on Label] // Israel
Unknown – Untitled [Unknown] // Unknown
Unknown – Untitled [Unknown] // Unknown
Unknown – Untitled [Unknown] // Unknown
Deaf Chonky – Dolijute [Not on Label] // Israel
Red Axes ft. Yakoumin – Untitled [Not on Label] // Israel
Red Axes – Tantram Power [Garzen] // Israel
Unknown – Untitled [Unknown] // Israel
Unknown – Untitled [Unknown] // Israel


Naim – Im Ninalu [Not on Label] // Israel
Imaabs – Calipso en negro [Not on Label] // Chile
Sharif – Geshem al Haon [Not on Label] // Israel
Sad Cloud – Pope (Nahshi Edit) [Not on Label] // Unknown
Lava Dome – Balenciaga Denim Riddim [Tamvin] // Israel
Bobby Valentino – Tell Me [Def Jam] // USA
Lorenzo Bitw & Foxmind – Don’t Mind [Pitch Rider] // Italy
Kingdom – Nurture World [Fade To Mind] // USA
Dun D – Bad Man [Not on Label] // UK
Don Sinini – Chapati [STAYCORE] // UK
Unknown – Unknown [Unknown] // Egypt
Modulaw – Work [Not on Label] // Switzerlad
Goro – Unreleased [Not on Label] // Unknown
Cyphr – Stretch Reflex [Co-Op] // UK
Zutzut – Otra vez llegue (Light Your Ass on Fire) [Not on Label] // Mexico
Busta Rhymes – Light Your Ass on Fire (Instrumental) [Star Trak Entertainment] // USA
PNGWNG CRU- Safinti Lfad2eye [PNGWNG CRU] // Israel

Swissa – Live Set

Swissa – Unreleased 1 // Israel
Swissa – Unreleased 2 // Israel


Mo Rayon – Piranha [TAMVIN] // Israel
Dj Heroin – Orchid Mist [Oxyorange] // Germany
Lemonick & NKC – Unreleased [Unreleased] // Switzerland
Fearz – Skid Gang [Booty Call Records] // Spain
Haravot – Akrabim [TAMVIN] // Israel
Expensive Brother – T-shirt EDIT (Migos) [TAMVIN] // Israel
Lava Dome – Beibs In The Trap EDIT (Travis Scott) // Israel
Dj Berlingo – Yaani 2 [TAMVIN] // Israel


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