Prosumer launches ‘Profanity’, a new erotic novel audiobook series

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German house aficionado Prosumer is to start a new audiobook series for erotic romance novels, titled ‘Profanity’. Usually reserving curveballs for his infamously eclectic DJ sets the now-Edinburgh-based DJ will begin his new ‘Profanity’ series by narrating Marquis de Sade’s controversial 18th century 120 Days of Sodom, the story of four rich noblemen who decide to experience the ultimate gratification by perpetrating a series of orgies and disturbing sex acts upon unwilling victims in a French castle.

When we asked about the spark for such an unexpected exploit, Achim answered “since beginning my show on NTS back in 2016, I’ve been amazed by the sheer amount of people reaching out to let me know how provocative they find my husky German voice. Reading Lolita at school, ignited a burning passion for erotic literature, so when the opportunity presented itself to narrate the canon of works, I simply couldn’t resist.”

Profanity launches 1st May. Listen to Prosumer’s Stamp Mix below. 

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