Vladimir Ivkovic’s 5 tracks for a night in Belgrade somewhere in the 80s

Alongside Lena Wilikens and Jan Schulte, Vladimir Ivkovic is one of a growing stable of exceptional, risk-taking DJs at Düsselforf’s Salon Des Amateurs. Before his 12 years there he was brought up in Belgrade, plying his trade at Sara, one of his father’s venues, before settling in Germany. Aside from his efforts at the Salon, Ivkovic also runs a couple imprints: the self-proclaimed “anti-label” Offen Music, which tries to capture the spirit of his surroundings, from a Soviet-era upbringing up to the current day; and then there’s Desolat, a label he runs for Loco Dice out of Düsseldorf, removed from what Ivkovic might be known for, but a project he still remains intensely proud and excited to be apart of.

For his playlist, Ivkovic nods to his music heritage, offering a fascinating insight into post-punk world that has come to inform much of what he does today. “One night in late summer 1985. Imagine Martin Scorsese’s After Hours in Belgrade.” 

Šarlo Akrobata – ‘Šarlo Je Nežan’

Here comes Šarlo. He is tender. He takes you by the hand, and your Belgrade late summer night begins.

Disciplina Kičme! – ‘Veruj Meni!’ 

Trust me! says Šarlo. [the Youtube video wasn’t available but we’ve linked an album from 1991]

Idoli – ‘Moja Si’ 

There is no reason for remorse. It’s too late anyway.

Laboratorija – ‘Devica’ 


Električni Orgazam ‎– ‘Električni Orgazam’

Maybe you should have stayed in NY…

Catch Vladimir in London this weekend for the Whities party alongside Tasker and Coby Sey. 

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