Infusions Season 2 launches with Francis Inferno Orchestra, Jamie Tiller & Lakuti.


Just add boiling water, and for God’s sake don’t call it “world music”!

2016 has been a funny old year, full of untimely deaths and divisive issues. In an attempt to claw back some positivity and togetherness through music, we’ve launched Infusions Season 2 with four new dances and four new musical concepts with some of the best selectors around and in partnership with The Colombian.

Season 1 welcomed Soichi Terada, Antal, Daniel Wang, Public Possession, Jonny Rock, Mehmet Aslan and John Gomez. Season 2 promises more global explorations, with the theme of togetherness at its core. Lead binders will be Francis Inferno Orchestra, Lakuti, Jamie Tiller, Brian Not Brian & John Gomez, housed inside the newly-repurposed Colombian, next door to Corsica Studios.


The Artwork

For Season 2, the infusion also reaches into the visuals. There is a strong nod to Japan’s rich 60’s and 70’s design movement and Tadanori Yokoo’s early two-tone poster work. This combines with touches of gaming culture and sci-fi, futuristic fonts from the 90s, alongside contemporary references to the individualism of consumer culture, represented through Japanese packaging. All these images merge with words to identify the strength held by the modern day international music community.

There will also be a limited run of clothing and prints based on the artwork, launching later in the year and there are plans afoot for Infusions Season 3 to reach outside London.

The first dance

On 24th February we look to Brazil with Music From Memory boss Jamie Tiller and John Gómez. It marks the launch of John’s outstanding new comp for MFM, Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music from Brazil, 1978-1992.

£5 tickets available from Facebook and RA.


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