City Guide: Prequel presents Melbourne

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Wow, I don’t think we’ve ever had a city guide with so many answers for each question, just plotting the map took us as long as an entire regular city guide does!  This city guide is seriously jam packed with goodies and incredible things to do around Melbourne, including nine amazing sounding record stores. Courtesy of Rhythm Section’s smooth house, cheeky-chappy, Ozzie brother Jamie, aka Prequel.

Check out the map above and interview below for Prequel’s favourite spots, while you listen to a 100% Melbourne mix.

Favourite place to buy records?

We are so lucky to have so many amazing record stores in Melbourne with new ones popping up all the time! Here is a list of my favourites:

Liquorice Pie Records – I’ve been coming here since I was about 15 years old as it’s located very close to my High School. Dave (The owner) is a chilla and gets in really great jazz records amongst so much other stuff! Matt and Joe who also work there are legends and Shags when he worked there too! Great selection of 45’s and rock and always some classic characters coming in.

Greville Records – This was even closer to my High School so I’ve been coming here for a long time as well. They have helped me build up my funk/soul collection over the years and in more recent times my jazz collection too. Always a pleasure having a chat with Steve when I come in and talking about music and old comedians from the 70’s.

Bounce Audio – This is a newer one to open its doors and I’ve found some great house and disco here. Johan (the owner) and I always have a great chat and he really takes the time to explain to everyone that comes in the store everything they want to know. My man Charles in there knows his shit too!

Northside Records – What can you say about the legendary Northside records run by none other then the funkiest man in Fitzroy Mr. Chris Gill! Have had the pleasure of coming here for a long time too. Chris is a legend and you can also catch local DJ’s Mike Gurrieri and DJ Manchild working behind the counter too. Sometimes even Lewis Cancut as well. Great selection of funk and soul, 45’s, library music, OST’s, Hip-Hop and most importantly local heat. Chris also hosts great record launch events here and always has a HUGE party for Record Store Day, like, close the street down type of shit!

The Searchers – Haven’t been coming here for very long but always find some great hip-hop and old house joints here. They have recently got rid of a lot of books they used to stock in favour of more records which is never a bad thing. They put up great walls everyday (peep their Instagram) and continue to stock lots of local stuff too.

Plug 7 – Run by my man Ari who has an incredible knowledge of records and my friend Shio who works there is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Always getting crazy stock in from private collectors and from trips to Japan. LOTS of Jazz and Funk/Soul and some great Hip-Hop too. Rare 45 shit, re-issues and heaps of Boogie and Disco.

Cry Baby Records – This opened up about a year ago but unfortunately will be moving locations soon, so get in while you can, then go find them when they open the new spot! Big Daddy Babicka aka Mr. Untzz Records can help you find what you’re looking for (he knows his shit), it all depends on what you want but they definitely land on the more House/Techno side of things. Local hang out for lots of crew and right next to the markets (for now).

Skydiver Records – This is a newer one to open up in Melbourne but its great! Shop fit out is amazing and it is run by Mike Wale (aka Awesome Wales) and Tom Moore (aka ½ of Otologic) who are both very knowledgeable about a variety of genres and two super nice dudes to boot. Have copped some nice little bits in here since it has opened.

Hub301 – Super new but run by the legendary Greg Molinaro who has been in the record/DJ biz in this country for a very long time and is very well regarded in the community. Greg knows a lot about A LOT of different music and here you’ll find Disco, House & Techno, bits and pieces of Soul but most importantly you will get to talk to Greg, a super friendly, super enthusiastic and super supportive man. Shop fit out is nice and minimal and Greg will help you find whatever you are looking for.

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Favourite live music venue?

That’s a hard one to say, I’ve been lucky to see so much great music in Melbourne in many venues over the years. In no particular order: The Prince Of Wales, The Toff In Town, The Palais, Billboards, Bennets Lane, Hi-Fi Bar (now Max Watts), Revolver, Boney, The Espy, Bennets Lane, Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Rod Laver Area, Hammer Hall the list is almost endless.

Best soundsystem / favourite club?

The sound in Revolver is pretty fucken good but so is the sound at Hi-Fi Bar. Favourite club I couldn’t say but see above for some of the best ones.

Best party in the city?

That’s hard to say, there are SO many great parties happening in Melbourne ALL the time. Wax O’ Paradiso comes to mind but so does Lost Weekend (Saturday nights at Boney). Great hip-hop night called Yoyo at the Keyclub in the city too and then of course The Late Show at Revolver. But one offs happen very often and we have things like Melbourne Music Week once a year too.

Best view of the city?

Rooftop Bar has a pretty decent view and I guess the viewing deck at the Eureka Tower. Generally, someone will have a kickass rooftop somewhere in Melbourne too.

Is there somewhere you like going to escape the hustle and bustle and take some time away for yourself?

If and when I do get to do that it’s outside of Melbourne. About an hour away are the Hot Springs which generally gets a visiting when Bradley Zero is in town.

First thing you miss after leaving Melbourne?

Most people would say the coffee but I stopped drinking coffee a long time ago so I don’t really miss that. I guess apart from the obvious things like friends and family I would have to say the Breakfasts. No one quite does a breakfast like the Melbournians do.

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Best place to see another medium of art other than music?

So many to pick from again!
We have ACMI, the NGV, The Arts Centre and also so many different small little art spaces, pop up galleries and installations all throughout the city. Also its not necessarily what may be classified as traditional “art” but the Botanic Gardens here are also a very beautiful place

Which are your favourite cafes and restaurants?

Café Latte – Great little Italian place specializing in food from the Puglia region of Italy. Great service and always amazing food. Seasonal menu but all the pastas are homemade so make sure you try at least one of them!

Lawsons Grove – Tucked away little beauty run by my favs Jen and Pauly. Smiley service, Pauly does THE best scrambled eggs and also makes a mean gnocchi. Sit in the sun outside and play with their new dog Violet whilst you enjoy your food ☺

Batch – Great for breakfast. Amazing eggs and always friendly service. Super busy on weekends but worth the wait. Start off with an orange and pineapple juice and see if you can get the blue berry homemade pancakes before they sell out.

Hannoi Hannah – Cheap and cheerful Vietnamese joint. Tuna Rolls and softshell crab are highlights. If you can’t get a table pop 2 doors down for their express takeaway sister restaurant. I do the music for them too so enjoy the choons while you wait 😉

Pida Pido – Hands down the best ice cream in Melbourne (if not Australia). Forget about Messina. Classic chocolate is my poison but salted caramel with fresh Nutella from the Nutella tap is a good bet too. Great décor and all super cool Italian staff. They do flavour collaborations very often and the make great deserts (cakes etc) too!

DOC – Certainly in the top 3 pizza places in Melbourne. I got to the one in Carlton but they have on in Albert Park and on the Mornington peninsula too. Classic toppings, no bullshit, fresh ingredients.

Where will you find the friendliest, most interesting locals to have a chat with?

We Ozzie’s are (generally speaking) a pretty friendly bunch. Most café’s you go to the staff are pretty chilled and are easy to talk to and people in clubs here are also pretty easy to strike up a conversation with. In terms of the most interesting place to have a chat that aren’t cafes or bars/clubs, I guess it would be waiting for a tram or I dunno eating an ice cream on the street or something.

What’s the best and worst thing about living in Melbourne?

For me, the best thing are the people I am lucky enough to call my friends, family and musical peers. We also have a really great food culture here and have so many amazing places to eat on the cheap or on the more expensive side with SO MANY different cuisines to choose from. The worst thing is probably what most people find in the city they live in which is it can feel a bit routine driven after a while. That’s why a holiday is always a good idea, go and recharge and come back to have a further appreciation of the city you call home.

Who’s doing good things for Melbourne music right now, who you’d like to shout out? 

This is a big list but here it goes:

Hiatus Kaiyote
Harvey Sutherland
Edd Fisher
Wax O’ Paradiso
Billy Davis
Man Made Mountain
Lost Weekend/Boney
The Late Show/Revolver
Dan White
Cale Sexton
Mike Gurrieri/Equinox Recordings
Crown Ruler
Miss Goldie
Freedom Time
Simon TK
Grant Camov
Luke Pocock
Danny Hotep
Chico G
Jennifer Loveless
Mall Grab
6am At The Garage
Tom Moore
Heads With Tales
Albrecht La’Brooy
Noise In My Head

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Who are some of your favourite up-and-coming DJs/producers/musicians bubbling up in Melbourne right now?

Billy Davis 

Could you tell us about the mix you’ve made for us? Where and how did you record it, what was the idea behind it and are there? 

Recorded it at The Toff In Town and the idea behind it was to cram as much Melbourne based music into it as possible. Starting on the slower tip and moving towards the fast tip. Squeezed in a couple of my remixes too (the Billy Davis remix is exclusive to the mix). Some new tings, some older tings.

And finally, what’s on the horizon for you in terms of live dates or releases we should look out for?

I have released my second EP earlier this year on Rhythm Section International, called “Freedom Jazz Dance”

I have some remixes coming out soon too and am working on a home for a new EP I have completed.

Freedom Jazz Dance is out now and available on Rhythm Section International.


30/70- Das Dank
Sampa The Great – Beatrice (Prequel Remix)
Billy Davis – Problem (Feat. Allysha Joy) (Prequel Remix)
Remi – Hate You (Feat. Baro)
Silent Jay & Jace XL – Rockabye
Silent Jay – Admiral (Beats From Japan)
Silent Jay – The Truth (Bloodshot)
Krakatau – Tharsis Montes
Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda – Priestess
Francis Inferno Orchestra – Harmony
Babicka – We Don’t Need The Night
András – Hard Working Man
Cale Sexton – E-Taggers
Albrecht La’Brooy – Louis’
Luis CL – Saturday Again

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