New app turns your favourite Facebook music groups into playlists

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Those familiar with music groups on Facebook will know what a headache trawling for miles down your screen can be. Whether it’s when you’re searching for ‘that’ track whose name simply abandons your memory, or trying to catch up on the stream of posts amassed during the day, Resonance is here to help.

The program, which currently exists solely in the form of a Google Chrome extension, takes a chosen number of tracks from your elected page and collates them into a handy Youtube playlist.

Resonance creator Robbie revealed it was in fact a friend who came up with the original concept, over which they discussed its feasibility during chat in the pub. It wasn’t until a while later, after almost being driven insane after finding himself trawling through Facebook music group threads to find a specific song, that the turning point came.

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Due to its nature, Robbie explained, it’s extremely difficult to build an external app to communicate and access group information from Facebook. As a result he “wanted to shove my [his] face through the monitor at multiple points”. But with the idea of implementing an extension through Google Chrome came a key breakthrough.

As for future enhancements, Robbie informed us there is a lot he’d love to do, but the first thing would be getting it on Firefox too as more requests have poured through. “If I could put some money towards it I could buy some server space and then we’d be cooking with oil. The dream would be to turn it into a hub for music collection/extraction.” In the meantime Resonance will remain an ongoing project, “the thing is, with any application it’s never really complete, it’s just less broken. That’s all you can strive towards. If you like closure stay away from development…and George R.R. Martin.”

Try it out for yourself here.

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