Premiere: AIR – Mr. Man

Discovering new music is as much about being forward-facing as it is about foraging through golden decades of the past to shine a light on forgotten and unknown gems gathering dust in the lofts of time. This is where reissue labels like Be With Records have become guardian angels for us and many others, specialising in releasing output that is currently unavailable on vinyl or never even received a vinyl release.

After last year’s holy-grail offering of 1980’s South African disco/soul record In The Music…The Village Never Ends by Letta Mbulu (amongst many other notable releases), the label is back in 2016 with a rather monumental LP very close to our hearts. The 1971 transcendental jazz-folk-rock-soul of Long Island 4-piece AIR has been a tight-lipped secret for many, treasured by ‘selector’ luminaries such as Jeremy Underground, MCDE, Floating Points and Hunee who have all marked out the record as an all-time favourite.

Each track is its own universe of heady vibrations, pitching planetary instrumentation with dazzling female-led vocals courtesy of Googie Coppola. Today we premiere the spine-tingling laid-back groove machine ‘Mr. Man’, pulling in a smokey atmosphere of mellow organ chords, velvet horns, rich piano licks and beautifully orchestrated rhythm. Coppola’s vocals are immaculate, with a contagious melody line that soars through both ends of the musical stave with crystal clear clarity. Whilst this track is a highlight for us, we encourage you to explore the whole album for a full sense of how magical this record really is.

The AIR LP is out August 12th, pre-order now over at Be With Records.

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