New music discovery app LOST announces collaboration with 21 music curators

stw lost app

LOST is a new music app to help keep your finger firmly on the pulse for new music.

In partnership with 21 of the UK’s most influential blogs, websites and magazines including Noisey, Thump, FACT, Dummy, Ransom Note and more; the LOST app gathers music these sources are talking about all into one place. Whether you wish to read, listen, watch and even buy gig tickets; LOST will allow you to jump between all these experiences offering all new music from your favourite curators as a streamable playlist which can even be linked back to the original editorial to find out more.

The team have also partnered with leading ticketing and live-music-discovery platform Songkick making it possible for you to track gig dates and grab your tickets directly from the app.

You can create your own playlists using LOST too, which also gives users the ability to import playlists from SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple and Spotify into their own collections.

Download LOST for iPhone free from the App Store today.

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