Alicia Keys is locking away phones at her gigs using brilliantly simple technology


Alicia Key’s is the latest in a growing number of artists, to make her gigs phone free. Using  a newly designed secure pouch designed by Yondr, fans at these events will have their phones locked away on entry, but crucially the pouch stays on the person until the end of the show. Pouches can also be unlocked anytime one leaves a phone free zone.

Others to have taken up the new offering include the Lunimeers, Dave Chappelle and Louis CK, allowing them to perform safe in the knowledge that their unheard material won’t turn up in pixelated format or low quality mp3 somewhere on the internet the next day.

It wont be greeted with open arms by everyone, but most we’re sure, wouldn’t say no to not having to watch another live gig through a phone screen.

Source: The Washington Post

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