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What with Medlar, Ishmael and FYI Chris coming together all on the same record for Madrid label Riverette, we managed to co-ordinate their busy diaries for a round-table discussion. Chaired by Riverette label head Carlos, the talked about how the EP came together, the pains of living together and how life evolves around bongos.

Medlar – Juno EP is out now. Grab it from Juno and most other good stores.

First of all, how are you Ned? We’ve heard that you’ve recently been to paradise? How was that and how soon can we expect a move into calypso music?

I’m good! Indeed I was out in Reunion, attempting to write music between exploring the island didn’t work out as planned as the place was just so awesome. Have to shout out Vincent, Nayah and everyone out there in paradise! And yes, my salsa fusion project is imminent, watch this space.

You have also been recently to Madrid and met the whole Riverette crew, which you are now part of, what surprised you the most about us, our beauty or our impressive quote giving skills?

It was great to meet you guys and play in Spain for the first time, looking forward to the next time! That tapas too.. Carlos’s wisdom that “there’s nothing more analogue than bongos” has proved particularly inspirational.

Let’s talk about the EP in question, you’ve limited your set up to a few choice machines which seems incredible considering the board spectrum covered on the EP, especially on ‘All In One Machine’. Is this the way to move forward? Has this helped you achieved better results?

Two tracks on the EP I made after buying a Juno 60 and are just me seeing what sounds I could get from it. Moving between smaller setups is great though, that and swapping equipment for a month or two is a good way to change up your way of working regularly. The whole idea of limitation being a good thing is a common one and it’s true for most people I speak to about making music. This is of course besides Carlos and Andres Riverette, with their dungeon of obscure Russian synths!

Moving on to Ishmael, how did this collaboration came about? Have you got more in the pipeline?

I’ve known Ned since school. We’ve been making music together on and off for about 10 years but this is the first collaboration we’ve had on wax! We’ve actually got an EP coming out on a new label set up by the Rye Wax gang, which of course Chris & Chris are involved with as well. It’s a family affair.

This one is for both Ishmael and Ned: that sax in Juno was bold choice and we love it! How did that get into the song?

I think I recorded the sax about four or five years ago. I was on my way to a new life in Vancouver at the time and had my sax with me in London, I’m pretty sure I flew out the next day. It wasn’t until Ned mentioned it had been signed that I remembered I’d done it!

Let’s talk a bit about FYI Chris (the Chrises). One of you is the room mate of Ned is that right? You are remixing him, living with him, gigging with him … Let’s be honest, how sick are you of the guy?

When you put it like that it does sound a bit much, but surprisingly, no! We’ve lived together for about four years now. Watson was on the same course as Ned at uni and this is also how we met/started making tunes together. I didn’t actually collect records before I met Ned, or take production that seriously. So it’s been super influential living with him.

You guys have recently done an amazing Boiler Room. I’m gonna go public here and say, when are you going to release something on Riverette???

I thought we were releasing a remix on Riverette hue hue. Hopefully it makes the cut – we need to come and hang IRL sometime, to discuss this over a sangria.

Well it was nice talking to you guys , hope you each had a beer ( or a few ) we know we did !

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