Live Review: Fatima and Andrew Ashong at the Union Chapel


There’s an understated grandiose to the Union Chapel in it’s distinctly lit arches and beautiful tall windows, which, whilst instantly arresting, at the same time instilled calm.

Sharing the stage with Eglo Records’ first lady was another figurehead of the UK soul scene in the shape of Andrew Ashong, whose sweet harmonious vocals reverberated gently into our ears as we entered to the sound of ‘Flowers’. Playing with support of just vocals and electric guitar, his set included tracks like ‘Special’ and the newly released ‘Next To You’ and particularly benefited from the hall’s fine acoustics. Making both singers’ voices crystal clear and absolute, this in turn almost diminished the vastness of the room making for an even more intimate atmosphere; in Andrew’s case this was especially apparent in the serene and frequent mid-song silences.

After a short interval we settled back down for the entrance of Fatima and her Eglo band and, as expected, the stage was under her direction from the word go. It also didn’t take long before some of the crowd were on their feet between the pews. Playing for over an hour with a number of songs from her brilliant debut album, Yellow Memories, we were reminded of the effortless swagger and playful attitude the Swedish native has in bucket loads. ‘La Neta’ was one of the many highlights in which we were also treated to some of Fatima’s footwork moves. Needless to say this received cheers and even prompted some in the crowd fancying themselves with their feet also. ‘Innervisions’ stood out also for masterful vocals before the encore of ‘Mind’ perfectly rounded up a great evening of music.

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