Ben UFO & Prosumer star in Dance Hunks 2016 calendar

Dance hunks
Andrew Weatherall has one, so should you. 

Forget club lineups. Heck forget the festival season this year. Forget THEM ALL. The only lineup that should have your attention is the one in the WRDM Dance Hunks Calendar 2016.

Tonka, the voice behind the Weekly Review of Dance Music, Tonka’s Week on Ransom Note and now the Hotflush Recordings blog, has assembled the hottest males in dance music for an impressive array of topless shots (oh indeed), for every month of 2016. The calendar is free to view online but physical copies are available on request direct from Tonka:

Even Weatherall copped one!

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.11.05

Check out vulnerable and and straight up erotic poses of some our faves below including Ben UFO and Kerri Chandler. Head to the Ransom Note for the full cast.

Source: Ran$om Note

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