Art gallery hosts immersive disco club experience

love supreme 2

Music and art have always had a potent relationship through the ages. Picasso helped out with the ballets of Dagliev by creating costumes and sets, Kadinksy even named his paintings after musical terms. What’s interesting is that if you observe contemporary habits of modern day dance floor culture, art is often left at the door with the bouncers as we consume sets from our favourite DJs in the dark. That’s usually for good reason, focusing in on the music, getting lost in the audible experience, but exploring that connection more is always welcome in our eyes.

Bringing the experience of an intimate, dimly lit space with unnatural lighting, along with a carefully selected soundtrack, Hours Gallery in Bristol will be hosting a new exhibition that hosts that nightclub environment in an innovate way, alongside artwork that explores the iconic celebrity imagery from the disco era. Aiming to bridge the common clubber’s love for music with a taste for fine art, Studio 89 and Cardiff based artist Coke Oak (aka Tom Winfield) have created original pieces of print, paint and digital media that depict iconic disco figures through history, including (but not limited to) Diana Ross, Prince, Bernard Edwards and Sylvester. These prints have formed the basis of Studio 89’s event artwork in recent months and, for Love Supreme, they will be reproduced on a large acetate sheet and lit up by a light box in a darkened gallery space.

The exhibition, Love Supreme, is running from 22nd-25th October, coinciding with this year’s Simple Things Festival in Bristol. Head to the Facebook event for more info. 

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