Jeremy Corbyn reveals exit music for his Conference speech


Jeremy Corbyn looks to the sounds of 1970’s Detroit to see him off stage in today’s Labour Party Conference.

Those of us who aren’t tied down by a 9-5 in the city are occasionally afforded the morning freedom to dabble in some light-hearted current affairs – yes Victoria Derbyshire we’re looking at you (and yes we’re going somewhere with this!). On said news show, in a preview segment for Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the Labour Party Conference, viewers were rewarded with a scoop on his exit music, and it’s an absolute peach!

Much of Corbyn’s appeal is in his presentation, or lack thereof. Unsullied by political strategists and image consultants, proudly rocking the shorts-trainers-and-socks-combo and keeping his neckline free from the confines of a tie. It’s this care-free approach and disregard for convention that has won him over from those disillusioned with politics and he continues his run of form in the preparations for his first labour party conference speech.

While his much-maligned predecessor, Ed Milliband, looked to the charts to provide some X-Factor-style inspiration to the Labour Assembly, Corbyn’s choice is more old school. For his exit music, he looks to Detroit, namely 70’s soul group Chairman of the Board, with their rabble-rousing ‘Working on the Building of Love’.

End of the night, hands-in-the-air selections from the leader of the opposition. We’re yet to hear the substance of Corbyn’s speech, but as a 45s DJ, he gets our vote.

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