Five 80’s Favourites That Brandt Bauer Frick Missed First Time Round

Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauer and Paul Frick, collectively known as Brandt Bauer Frick, are a classically trained Berlin trio who have made a name for themselves by producing their own unique brand of techno. Negating the use synthesisers and drum machines and replacing them with pianos, strings, brass, and orchestral percussion, creating a one of a kind musical sensation.

They, along with their ten-piece ensemble(!!!), are due to set Wilderness Festival 2015 ablaze next week amongst the green pastures of Oxfordshire. In line with this the boys have dug deep and come up with a killer 80’s playlist comprising their five favourite tracks that their ears missed the first time around.

Listen to the tracks as a Youtube playlist below accompanied by some words from the boys on their choices. Hop along to Wilderness Festival 2015 (tickets still available here) next week to experience the trio in all their glory.

1. Toto – Rosanna

One of the best drum grooves on a pop song ever. I wanted to go see Toto a few weeks ago in Berlin but no one wanted to join me. What a great band!

2. D.A.F. – Rote Lippen

D.A.F. must have been such revelation when they were doing their thing in the 80’s! Totally unique and very powerful!

3. Billy Joel – Uptown Girl

Billy Joel for me stands for sitting in front of my parents’ stereo and listening to all the Billy Joel records they had. He is one of the best songwriters from that period of time. And that song has such a nice and positive vibe.

4. Falco – Der Kommissar

Falco is maybe the most interesting austrian pop singer of all times. Recently a new band is making waves called Wanda who are taking his legacy to the next level and on stage they are fabulous!

5. Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer

Fantastic song and one of the most iconic videos of the 80’s. Peter Gabirel was always a bit more interesting than Phil Collins. But Phil Collins’ drum sound wins most of the time.

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