Channel One’s Top 10 Roots Tracks From The 70s & 80s


Credit: Nick Caro

Beginning in 1979, and driven by a deeply entrenched passion to introduce new people to dub reggae music, Mikey Dread and MC Ras Kayleb have developed Channel One into one best known dub reggae sound systems on the planet. During that time they’ve taken their unique sound across the world, celebrated 30 consecutive years at the Notting Hill Carnival and been the first reggae sound system to have taken their sound to Wembley Arena.

Keeping up with fresher faces on the music scene, Channel One Sound System were crowned the Red Bull Culture Clash winners back in November 2010, beating Skream and Benga, Metalheadz and Soul Jazz for the title with their world renowned music selections.

Ahead of their appearance next month at Oval Space as part of Global Rhythms’ day party Mikey Dread listed off his 10 quintessential roots tracks from the golden age period between 70s and 80s

Channel One Sound System will play Global Rhythms at Oval Space alongside Gilles Peterson, Auntie Flo, Romare and Werkha (full live band) on August 1st. Buy tickets here.

1. Real Rock – Studio One
This is exactly what it says on the tin. Studio One, basically a big tune from the 70s.

2. What About The Half – Dennis Brown
A legendary Dennis Brown record, this one came out on the original Disco 45, on DEB music, another famous label at the time.

3. Rat Race – Bob Marley
One of the obscure Bob Marley’s tunes. Played mainly by sound systems back in the 70s.

4. Only Jah Jah Know – Te-Track
Te Track was one of the family groups out of Augustus Pablo’s stable. Big tune. Came out on 7″, this has just been re-released.

5. Earth Wind & Fire – Augustus Pablo
One of the toughest tunes that Augustus Pablo did, only built for sound system.

6. Lambs Bread – Slyford Walker
You only heard this at a dance, not on the radio, until later. This was played by all the major sound systems.

7. Slavery – Burning Spear
Self explanatory. A powerful song, all about slavery times, what was put into the words by Burning Spear. Everytime channel one plays that tune, you are reminded about the real meaning of the lyrics.

8. Party In The Slum – Gregory Issacs
One of GI’s most famous rhythms.

9. Two Sevens Clash – Culture
An international anthem tune for reggae music.

10. Chapter Three African Dub – Joe Gibbs
One of the most famous dub albums in the world.

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