Fatima Yamaha’s ‘What’s A Girl To Do’ Gets A Repress


This story has been doing the rounds in various music groups on the web and it’s got us feeling excited! Bas Bron‘s first EP as Fatima YamahaA Girl Between Two Worlds – was originally released on D1 Recordings back in 2004. Featuring the now verging-on-overplayed but still incredibly powerful ‘What’s a Girl To Do‘, the repress will come as extremely welcome news to vinyl enthusiasts as copies of the original were like gold dust on Discogs, some paying over £100 for a copy.

Bron’s own label – Magnetron Music – will be repressing the famous track alongside Dekmantel, where it will sit comfortably amongst an amazing roster of releases in recent years. Apart from his most famous track under this moniker, also on the EP are dreamy ‘Plum Jelly‘, slightly rave-ier ‘Half-Moon Rising‘ and vocal-led ‘Between Worlds‘. As a whole, the EP is a brilliant showcase of all the parts of its producer’s sound. This repress is news that has us shaky at the knees, and we’re excited to finally own it on wax.

Pre-orders available from Rush Hour already – release date set for next month.

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