Blur Create Own-Brand Ice Cream for UK Tour


Ahead of a UK tour to promote their new album Magic Whip, the gents that make up Blur have gone all inventive and added something quite unique to their merchandise stands as they travel around the country.

The ‘dairy vanilla custard ice cream rippled with raspberry sauce’ has been created to mirror the artwork of the album. Working with leading ‘independent ice cream revolutionaries’, The Licktators, Damon Albarn, Alex James and Co. have tested the item on the public with the use of cladded out ice cream vans. The finished product will be on sale at Co-Operative shops up and down the nation from June. Will this be a success or another floundering venture in the food industry for Alex James who famously shelved (excuse the pun) his range of cheeses for Asda? By the sounds of the ingredients, this might be one to stock up on for summer.

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