City Guide: Project Pablo presents Vancouver

Alongside Mood Hut and Pacific Rhythm1080p is one of Vancouver’s premiere labels flying the flag for that special Canadian Riviera sound of warm, crackly, psychedelic house music. Run by Richard MacFarlane and predominantly a cassette label, they released the debut album by local lad and ASL Singles Club boss, Project Pablo. It turned out to be one of the most accomplished long-players we’ve heard this year, containing one of our standout tracks, in ‘Movin’ Out’, and we were reaching out to the man in no time.

Given the attention on Vancouver at the moment, we thought it the perfect opportunity to go a little deeper with the help of Project Pablo. Although now based in Montréal, his regular contact with the city puts him in prime position to give us a virtual tour around the city’s attractions, while also making a 100% Vancouver mix for us, containing a few tracks, too exclusive to even reveal their identity.

Project Pablo – I Want To Believe LP is out now on 1080p. The latest release on ASL Singles Club comes in the form of Infamous Boogieman – Boogieman EP, also out now.

Below you can find an annotated Google Map of Project Pablo’s guide to Vancouver, accompanied by detailed explanations below of every place he has pinned.

Favourite places to buy records?
Beat Street for dollar bin dance grooves and Pacific Rhythm for the best in new releases. I left the city before I got a chance to check out Pacific Rhythm. Luckily they keep their online store freshly stocked!

Favourite live music venue?
The Fox Cabaret, living close to this venue was great. Their bookings range from left field dance music, like Patricia and Huerco S. to comedy and live bands. Well rounded and well priced, a fun vibe all around.

Favourite outdoor party?
The DIY prospect point parties during the summer months. Announced via word-of-mouth and email lists, they are hard to come by, but when they do, it’s an all-night-into-the-morning affair. Definitely one of a kind.

Best view of the city?
From up top Cypress Mountain. Mountains overlook Vancouver, and driving up Cypress Mountain is definitely the cheapest and most entertaining way to check it all out. Escaping the city for a little bit is a plus.

The place to experience something unique to Vancouver?
The Downtown Eastside is made of a strong community of people, from an amalgamation of different backgrounds. Taking a stroll through the area on a Sunday, checking out the street vendors on Carroll and Hastings Street, and chatting with the friendly folks is surely unique to Vancouver.

Favourite coffee shop?
My old workplace, Matchstick. In-house roasted coffee and baked bread make for an excellent lunch stop for a macchiato and sandwich.

The first place you miss after leaving Vancouver?
There’s a park right near my old house called Dude Chilling Park. It’s a great place to walk through when commuting or stopping off at for a rest. I have yet to find a park and place of rest like this in Montreal.

Where will you find the friendliest, most interesting locals to have a chat with?
Wreck Beach in the summer, any bus stop on East Hastings Street, and the DIY late night events around town. Lots of interesting spirited people at any of these wonderful locations.

Best place to see another medium of art other than music?
Located in Vancouver’s more industrial side of town, is Sunset Terrace. A well rounded crew of artists resides at this studio and exhibition space. Check the schedule of their upcoming exhibitions!

Best Vancouver grub?
Nice Cafe. Cheap breakfast, lunch and dinner. Easygoing staff in a convenient location. What could possibly go wrong?

Is there a person (dead or alive) who encapsulates Vancouver for you?
My friend’s dad. He encapsulates the city’s social open-mindedness, and perfect balance between business and pleasure.

Tell us a little about the mix you made for us. Where did you record it, and are there any exclusives hidden away?
I recorded the mix in the Sky Lounge in Little Italy, Montreal. There are some exclusives in there: a collaboration between Wolfey and me, and a couple other tunes I’m not allowed to announce yet!

Why do you think Vancouver has become such a hotbed of talent in the last couple years? Or rather, why is it all coming together now so well and reaching such a grateful global audience?
There has always been a great community of artists out there. In the last couple years, though, there has been a community of musicians from bands who have chosen to go the dance/electronic music route for their output. With backgrounds in live instrumentation and collaboration, the new wave of electronic music being made out there has a unique character to it, and this new, younger community has flourished together in both music creation and selection. Labels like 1080p and Mood Hut have provided a great outlet in gaining global recognition of the like minded folks out that way.

Who are some of your favourite up-and-coming producers/artists/rappers from Vancouver?
Young Braised, Wolfey and House of Doors.

Kline – ‘Looking Over my Shoulder’
Friendly Chemist – ‘Marsh of the Bog Lily (Celestial Mix)’
Cloudface – ‘Babak’s House’
Plays:Four – ‘Phyto’
House of Doors – ‘Moesha’
Wolfey & Project Pablo – ‘Whatitis’
Autem – ‘Syno’
Neu Balance – ‘bb’
??? – ???
Florist – ‘Final Bounce’
No Gold – ‘The New Best Recipe’
??? – ???
Potatohead People – ‘Journey’

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