DJs found using stolen software


Eagle-eyed fans have discovered that some of their EDM legends may not be paying for all the software they’re using to make their tracks. Caught in the act during an interview in his studio, Avicii (who was recently valued at $60 million) had a plugin downloaded from famous cracking team Team VTX 2011. Steve Aoki, of cake-throwing fame (what else is he famous for?), has been caught with a pirated version of the same plug-in, but gave the excuse that his team had loaded the wrong version and he actually had a license.

Taking to Twitter to announce his find, Deadmau5 recently discovered that Martin Garrix was using stolen software plugins in his productions too. Perhaps this shows a trend in production values of today, or a flagrant disregard of the developers behind this software, or it may just be a hangover of their days as nothing more than adolescent boys in their bedroom studios. Times have changed though. Software developers and music distributors alike are being squeezed more than ever before.

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