After 4 years homeless, Sly Stone awarded $5m in royalties


2011 shed public light on the bankruptcy and homelessness of Sly Stone. Since then, the legendary multi-instrumentalist and leader of Sly & The Family Stone has reportedly been living in the back of a van. Sly’s sad situation has now, thankfully, been put to bed with today’s court verdict. The mastermind behind classic funk tracks like ‘Dance to The Music‘ and ‘If You Want Me to Stay‘ has received a hefty reimbursement of $5 million in the form of unpaid musical royalties, and rightfully so!

Oddly enough, it is neither Warner, BMI nor Sony who are paying compensation, after weaseling their way out of paying Sly a few years back. It’s in fact his lawyer, Gerald Goldstein, and the company Even St. Production, who have to cough up the $5 million in damages after Sly signed his financial control to Goldstein in 1989.

Justice is a dish best served Stone cold!

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