Preview: Ricardo Villalobos at Fabric


When: 10th January
Where: Fabric, London
Price: £22 +bf

A visit from Ricardo Villalobos always has London’s techno-loving community in a bit of a spin. The half-Chilean, half-German master of minimal may not be to everyone’s taste, but one thing he will never be is conventional. Ricardo can truly be seen as a hero of the dance music world. His style mainly works with vinyl, and involves not only mixing two tracks, but live sampling and seamlessly weaving between several musical layers at any given moment.

We have regularly spoken about the amazing qualities of Craig Richards as a Fabric resident, and the partnership of him and Ricardo behind the decks of the Farringdon club produces a result that can at once delight and baffle spectators. Leaving everything you know about techno and minimal at the door, both men are able to guide listeners from the best known Dance Mania material to the most wonderful minimal soundscapes in the mere blink of an eye.

Joining the pair in Room 1 is Iranian-born Montreal dweller, Amir Javasoul. One half of Creatures Of Habit with Maher Daniel, he has cited music from many influential genres. In the DJ world, Craig and Ricardo are both friends and immense inspirations to Amir.

In Room 2, Fabric’s other resident Terry Francis is joined by Detroit legend Stacey Pullen. Growing up at a time when techno was in its infancy, Pullen was faced with a completely new concept of what music could be. Finding a home at R&S Records and having been mentored by the likes of Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, he has since become a huge name within the community. Detroit techno peppered with interesting melodies will be the order of the day here.

In a London still slightly wishing they were in holiday hibernation mode, Saturday should prove a real wake-up call for all.

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